• EVENT DATE:  Saturday April 22, 2017
  • EVENT LOCATION:  Munich, Germany – Galerie Freiraum 16, Oefelestraße 13A, 81543 München
  • Time: 1400 -1800 and then a bit later 
  • Fee: 50 Euro (Includes one copy of Munich LookBook)
  • DEADLINE for Box Submission April 4, 2017.


The installation will travel around Munich. Current Installation Locations:

  • April 13- April 23 (Taking artwork down on Aprill 24 to move to Haidhausen)  —Freiraum 16 —Oefelestraße 13A, 81543 München


  • Say Hello Event—April 22  Freiraum 16. Oefelestraße 13A, 81543 München   1400 to 1800  

Tentative Dates (Dates Below Subject to Change)

  • April 25- June 2017 —Studio Barbara Süßmeier —Elsässer Straße 19.
  • June 2017 —MA -The Window – Odeonsplatz Subway



The Say Hello event brings busy and creative people together for a few hours to meet and create connections that fuel artistic synergies and  foster future collaborations.

Each event is built around an installation created from the artwork of the artists involved in the event and all artists are required to attend the event.

We encourage artists from outside of Munich to participate and join us for the Say Hello Event.

All creatives over 18  are allowed to participate.


With a Box

Say Hello With A Box

This year, participating artists will be using a box.  This specific box shown in the image below.  You can buy the box at the art stores for under 3 Euro. for example the box can be found for (2,84 Euro) at Gerstaecker.

PLEASE USE THIS EXACT BOX.   I want this box which is 16 x12.5 x 4 cm.  If you can make a box that is this identical style with dove tails and sliding lid made out of wood, then you can make one. Otherwise please purchase the one available at Gerstaecker. (A German Art store with a location in Munich and an online store.)


Now, what will you do with this box?   There are no rules regarding what you make.  Do whatever you want with this box.

 Whatever artwork you make must not be bigger than 16 x12.5 x 4 cm. The finished art piece may not be bigger than the size of this box.

You are allowed to manipulate the box in whatever way you want or make the box your composition for your artwork.

Finished sculptures may not be bigger than this box. Photographers, you can photograph the box or you can make the box a frame for your artwork.  The finished size of your art piece may not be bigger than this box so if you print a print, the print no matter how you print it may not be bigger than this box. You may make a second print if I have wall space but I don’t guarantee that any prints will be hung up in whatever space we use.

THEME –  Say Hello 2017 is a way for you to introduce yourself to the Munich Artists community and to people around the world who follow our Munich Artists bog and events.

I want you to use this box in some way and that is the only limit I am putting on you.  Do not use the world hello.  I want this artwork to represent your artwork and style and personal self.

All boxes will be photographed and put on the website and also in a Look book.

I will make an installation from the box photographs  which will be displayed at the MA Window at Odeonsplatz.  We will have an installation on display at our space at Frauenstrasse 18 or an event space if we are able to obtain one which is big enough for the gathering.



Submissions for Event:

The event is open to all artists.  I do not curate art but create an installation from the art pieces submitted for the event.  I do not give commentary on art or give preference to individual artists. This event is to bring artists together and create synergies through an installation and a gathering.

The artwork in the Lookbook will be curated but only to make the book flow. The order of artwork shown will NOT have anything to do with the quality of work submitted.

Delivery of Artwork by April 4, 2017

Bring the Box to Frauenstrasse 18, D-80469 Munich.    I prefer to have boxes delivered. If you are not in Munich, please mail the box to Munich Artists Frauenstrasse 18, D-80469.   Munich Artists will not mail boxes back to Artists. If you send your box to us, you will be responsible to pick the box up from our studio at Frauenstrasse after the installation is complete (June 30, 2017.) .

We will hold onto boxes for three months and after three months, we will donate all artwork left at the studio to charity. (I will send you a warning email.)

Payment of Fee:

Send 50 Euros to:

  • IBAN:  DE88 7015 0000 1001 9508 70
  • StadtSparkasse Muenchen
  • Reference: Munich Artists/Say Hello 2017


All artwork for Say Hello 2017 is submitted for the purpose of creating a large scale installation.  Artists are allowed to have their artwork for sale.

Because we are having the installation at an art gallery for two -three weeks, artwork on display during those weeks  will be subject to a commission of 40 percent (If the artwork is for sale.)  You are not required to sell your artwork but you must let us know the price including commission and whether you want to sell the art piece when you drop the artwork off at Frauenstrasse 18.

Any artwork sold through our Installation at MA Window will be subject to a 20 percent commission when I get involved. (If a person contacts me and I have to deal with the sale of the art piece.)




Say Hello 2017 is an annual event held by Munich Artists.  This year’s installation is created by Dr. Emmy Horstkamp and one or two other artists chosen after April 4, 2017.

If you are interested in participating, please follow the instructions under submissions.

If you are interested in having a chat about the Say Hello project, please contact emmy@kyfio.com

If you are an artist living outside of Munich, you are welcome to come to the city and participate BUT It will be your responsibility to arrange pickup of the artwork. We will not be responsible for shipping artwork.