Submissions for Event:

The event is open to all artists.  I do not curate art but create an installation from the art pieces submitted for the event.  I do not give commentary on art or give preference to individual artists. This event is to bring artists together and create synergies through an installation and a gathering.

The artwork in the Lookbook will be curated but only to make the book flow. The order of artwork shown will NOT have anything to do with the quality of work submitted.

Delivery of Artwork by April 4, 2017

Bring the Box to Frauenstrasse 18, D-80469 Munich.    I prefer to have boxes delivered. If you are not in Munich, please mail the box to Munich Artists Frauenstrasse 18, D-80469.   Munich Artists will not mail boxes back to Artists. If you send your box to us, you will be responsible to pick the box up from our studio at Frauenstrasse after the installation is complete (June 30, 2017.) .

We will hold onto boxes for three months and after three months, we will donate all artwork left at the studio to charity. (I will send you a warning email.)

Payment of Fee:

Send 50 Euros to:

  • IBAN:  DE88 7015 0000 1001 9508 70
  • StadtSparkasse Muenchen
  • Reference: Munich Artists/Say Hello 2017


All artwork for Say Hello 2017 is submitted for the purpose of creating a large scale installation.  Artists are allowed to have their artwork for sale.

Because we are having the installation at an art gallery for two -three weeks, artwork on display during those weeks  will be subject to a commission of 40 percent (If the artwork is for sale.)  You are not required to sell your artwork but you must let us know the price including commission and whether you want to sell the art piece when you drop the artwork off at Frauenstrasse 18.

Any artwork sold through our Installation at MA Window will be subject to a 20 percent commission when I get involved. (If a person contacts me and I have to deal with the sale of the art piece.)